Notes from the Desk of Controller Zrinski

Since I was elected in 2023, I wanted to keep all citizens up to date on what I was doing. From the Norco Controller Room check here for updates and information about the Northampton County Controller's Office.

May, We Audit: Celebrating Internal Audit Month

May is Internal Audit Month, a time to recognize the vital role that internal auditing plays in ensuring the efficiency, effectiveness, and integrity of organizations worldwide. Here at the Northampton County Controller's office, led by Controller Tara Zrinski, we take great pride in the work we do as internal auditors, diligently striving to add value and improve the operations of our county government.

New Faces in Old Spaces

Newly elected in 2023, I came into this position with no illusions that I knew everything there was to know about the Controller’s Office. In fact, I imagine that while my knowledge of the office well exceeds the average person’s, the Controller’s Office is almost as overlooked as the building that houses our staff across from the Courthouse. The unassuming building is long overdue for a maintenance makeover but first, the audit staff needed reorganization.